Regain Clarity,Confidence, and Control Of Your Life

Your Body

Represents Your LIFE

⬆️ Lets Get REACH Your Goals ⬆️


When we say "Save Lives" it's not a matter of life and death, but overall QUALITY of life.

Do you feel like you have:

👉🏼 Zero Confidence

👉🏼 No control over your eating

👉🏼 No energy


👉🏼 No self control or emotional regulation

👉🏼 Lost ALL control and are HOPELESS

If you answered YES to any of these you have found yourself on the right page and it's no coincidence. You're NOT LOST, you just need a compass and I have one just for you...All you need to do is take it!

So, if you're ready to finally take ACTION and take CONTROL of your life, book a call with me and let me share how I can help!


The Three Pillars to a Successful Life

1. Clarity

Let's get ultimate clarity on what your goals are and what is stopping you from achieving them!

2. Confidence

Start controlling your outcome and the speed on which you get their through your mindset and habits!

3. Control

Keep ALL the results you have obtained! Plus have confidence and trust within yourself to be able to do this for a lifetime!

What You Get In Our Program

Here are some of the tools we use to help make sure you hit your goals!

✅ Specific Nutrition Plan Around Your Life

-You and your coach will design a specific nutrition plan based around foods you enjoy eating and around your daily schedule.

✅ Simple and Easy Meals

- You don't have to be a certified chef to cook our meals! We also include multiple Kak Performance Ebook cookbooks.

✅ Fast Food Cheat Code

- We will give you the ultimate tool eat out anywhere and still make the best choices! We've done all the work for you!

✅ Vacations or Out of Town

- This is part of life and we never restrict our clients during these times. We will teach you exactly how to go about this and not sabotage your results!

✅ Full Nutrition Education

- Knowledge to ensure you make eating healthy easy for a lifetime.

✅ Supplementation

- Based on your goals we will talk about any supplements you may need to take. Overall gut health is a key component in making sure your metabolism is running efficiently.

✅ Exercise Program

- Whether beginner or advanced you will know what to do and exactly how to execute your exercises!

✅ Kak Performance APP

- All of our clients get full access to our custom APP. This includes full video instructions and descriptions of each exercise on your plan whether at


. You will also get to keep track of your workout progress along with additional features (Scheduling, Ebook, Mindset Videos, Progress Pictures, Stretching Routines, ect.)

✅ Workouts That Fit Around Your Lifestyle

-We are all busy, but being busy and being productive are very different. We will design workouts that fit in your schedule. Be sure to ask about our Micro-dosing exercise plan.

✅ Education

- Many coaches and trainers don't want to teach you everything or just give you little tips here and there. This is only for one keep you a client forever because you will never figure it out without them. There are way too many people that need help and this is why we developed a training portal to support our coaching.

✅ Knowledge

- Inside our portal we will teach you everything from goal setting, time blocking, scheduling, training styles, nutrition, mindset, and so much more!

✅ Results Forever

- Without educating yourself and utilizing the knowledge you will be in the rat race forever. Let's get you the results you deserve and I will make you confident in your own abilities to take your progress and run with it the rest of your life!

✅ Habits and Time Management

- We go in depth on how to develop your mindset and create healthy habits. We will help you design your days to maximize your time for your goals and friends/family.

✅ 1-On-1 Coaching

- No group messaging! Your designated coach is working with you 1 on 1 and walking you through the whole process. There is never a moment you will not know what to do.

✅ Check-Ins

- Making the necessary adjustments to keep the progress coming at your pace is mandatory! Weekly Check-ins, Bi-Weekly Calls, and Monthly Overviews are key to your success!

✅ Daily Access

- Have a question or need to talk to your coach? You have full access to your coach anytime via text/messenger. All calls will be scheduled.

✅ Group Coaching Calls

-In addition to 1-On-1 Coaching we also do group coaching calls to further educate you and build our community.

Still Not Sure?


Don't Just Take My Word For IT...


Abigail reached out to take back control of her health and life.

She was struggling and even told me she thought that it may not be the best time to start as she was starting another business and was also a mother.

After explaining why this was the exact reason she needed to start she took ACTION!

After just 16 weeks she dropped almost 20 pounds, built muscle, and a new outlook in life!


Meet Josh, a man with a crazy job where he travels a lot and struggled with getting his health back on track. We had to design a program that would work for his schedule and that was convenient to follow.

In 16 weeks we dropped a total of 26 lbs and put on some lean muscle! I would tell him the game plan and he would execute perfectly!

Not only did Josh Get in amazing shape he has rebuilt his confidence in knowing how to make healthier choices and stay active on the go!


Meet Ann, 45 year old Mother and School Teacher! Ann’s son was getting married and she had a dress she wanted to get into. She also wasn’t happy with the way she looked and didn’t like the way she felt about herself.

I explained it's one thing to be a little over weight, but sometimes the weight you need to lose is not on your's the emotional stress that comes burdening.

While guiding Ann through her plan, she was able to enjoy the foods she loved all the while cultivating new healthy habits! On top of that she never stepped a foot in the gym…these were ALL at home workouts!

PS…She got to wear her dress!!!


Meet Pam a highly motivated individual and a top Realtor in South Carolina and a mother to one son! Pam is one of the hardest working individuals I know and in doing so she slowly let her health slip.

She knew she needed to make sure she was mentally and physically healthy to be able to perform at the top of her game.

This is why she came to me and demanded to get in the best shape of her life! When she has a goal in mind she will stop at nothing to get it.

I accepted the challenge and now she is down 40 Pounds full of energy and ready to take on the world on her terms!


Meet Amanda an amazing hard working individual. She has a highly stressful job working in the corporate world and it was taking a toll on her health mentally and physically.

She wanted to start working out and eating healthy. She didn't know where to start and hired her first coach, but wasn't pleased.

Shortly after she found Kak Performance and also decided to do her first bodybuilding show! She executed perfectly and has completely changed her body and mind to be able to continue to work on her health for a lifetime.

No Time, No Excuses is her mantra!

Hear Real People Just Like You!






Chris Kakouras


-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS)

-Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT)

-Certificate in Health Science with a Major in Personal Training (Greenville Technical College)

-BS Exercise Science with a Minor in Psychology, University of South Carolina

-International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB Pro Physique)

T'abren Wallace


-BS Exercise Science

-ISSA-CPT National Certification

-Over 250+ hours experience learning under Chris Kakouras

-Over 150+ hours experience working with athletes

-NPC Men's Physique Athlete

Andreina Stoller


-Mother of 2 Girls and 1 Boy

-NASM-CPT National Certification

NASM-Nutrition National Certification

-International Degree in Dentistry, Universidad Central de Venezuela

-Bilingual: Fluent Spanish & English

-Nationally Qualified NPC Wellness Competitor

Ranzino Valentine

Head Coach

(Push Med)

Father of 2

-USC Football Athlete (Outstanding Walk-On Award- Recipient/ 2007 USC Men's Football Team/ 2006 Liberty Bowl Championship Team)

-Former Strength And Conditioning Coach (Developed and implemented training regimens for 250 collegiate athletes)

-Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Mens' & Women's Tennis, Lacrosse, Baseball, Cheerleading, and Cross Country programs

-Active IFBB Mens Physique Pro

-Bodybuilding Posing Coach

Susanna Baker


- Wife & Mother

-Associates in Science w/ Major in Registered Nurse

-8 Years Experience as a RN

- NCI-Nutrition Coach Certification


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